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Tennent’s Spend £1million Building Visitor Centre While Alcohol Related Deaths Increase by 54% in Scotland

A Glasgow based brewery has invested £1million into a new historical visitor centre to tell the tale of how the popular Scottish lager was first created.

It is suggested tourists spend around £1billion per year on food and drink while visiting Scotland.

Tourism chiefs in the city hope the new tourist attraction will help bring Glasgow closer to its goal of attracting one million new visitors a year by 2023, following the centres opening in November.

Tennent’s bosses say the new visitor centre at their Wellpark Brewery will tell the history of brewing in the area from the 1500s through to the present day, including how founder Hugh Tennent first brewed the lager that bears his name in 1885.

Alan McGarrie, group brand director for Tennent’s Lager, said: “The Tennent’s story is at the heart of Glasgow’s history and with this significant company investment at our home at Wellpark we are bringing the story to life – bigger and better than we ever have before, as we showcase the brewery, the beer and the brand.”

The new centre is expected to be of great interest as its tale is almost as old as that of Glasgow city itself.

In an interview with the Evening Express, Councillor David McDonald, depute leader of Glasgow City Council said: “Our focus is on showcasing Glasgow as an outstanding global city, one that’s welcoming and vibrant with a rich cultural heritage, a flourishing food and drink sector and an unrivalled visitor experience.

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“Tennent’s investment in this exciting new attraction strongly reflects our ambition and will undoubtedly boost Glasgow’s tourism economic in the coming years.”

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However, Scotland is commonly known for its binge drinking culture and many other unhealthy habits. One of the most commonly consumed products is locally brewed Tennent’s Lager.

This new centre is opening to attract tourists to an event promoting a product which played a role in a 54% alcohol related deaths in 2017.

in an interview with Rebecca Sibbeit, member of ‘Alcohol Focus Scotland’ she said: “1 in 4 people (24%) drink at hazardous or harmful levels in Scotland.”

“We don’t think alcohol companies should being paying for things within the public community. We think it comes across as advertising. We don’t believe the information that comes from them is necessarily reliable or unbiased.”

The money invested into the new centre could have been better spent attempting to help those struggling with alcoholism or helping the families of those who have been affected by it.

Instead the private company elect to further promote the potentially lethal drink in order to enhance revenue and popularity and with this attitude it is likely that the 54% increase in alcohol related deaths last year will only continue to increase in years to come.

an interview was attempted with Tennent’s brewery to ask their opinion on the effect the new centre will have on Scottish tourism to discover if there was any concerns for public reaction.

The company refused to comment.

In an interview with BBC Scotland, Public health intelligence adviser Lucie Giles, said: “It is worrying that as a nation we buy enough alcohol for every person in Scotland to exceed the weekly drinking guideline substantially.

“This has harmful consequences for individuals, their family and friends as well as wider society and the economy.

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