London Film Festival

Fans Gasp at Male Nudity

By Susie Paterson

There’s been a buzz across social media today since yesterday’s release at the London Film Festival of the new Netflix movie, “Outlaw King” has been reviewed.

Extreme interest in  nude scene where the film’s star, Chris Pine’s appears emerging from a loch,  has divided opinion on male nudity in movies.

Chris is reported as saying  it is  “double standards.”  The double standards he is referring to is because his female co-star, Florence Pugh, also bares everything in this movie but no-one has commented.

Chris wonders if this is because everyone expects women to get naked, or that people think they can’t comment on Florence’s disrobing.

Chris says he has no idea what the fuss is about.  The scene concerned was of him coming out of a lake where he had supposedly been taking a bath, and as he says, why would he have kept his clothes on?  But doing the ‘full monty’ has set his fans alight, and not all support what he has done.

Following an underwhelming debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Netflix film lost some length—but don’t worry, all 12 frames of full-frontal nudity remain completely uncut.




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