Scots back obesity cuts on junk food

By Olivia Armstrong

MORE than 60% of Scots are in favour of junk food restrictions to combat obesity.

According to a survey by Cancer Research UK, two thirds of Scots express concern over their weight or the weight of a family member. The Scottish Government is aiming to introduce restrictions of price promotions on high-risk foods (such as foods high in sugar, salt or fat) in order to reduce obesity rates in Scotland and Scottish Cancer UK’s results show many are in favour.

The percentage of adults (over 16 years) in Scotland who are overweight and obese was 65% in 2016. The scheme will be introduced via a Holyrood consultation on Wednesday, with an official debate the following day.

Professor Linda Bauld, Cancer Research UK’s cancer prevention expert, said: “This survey shows that obesity is a worry for all of us – and with good reason. Obesity is linked to 13 different types of cancer.

“On World Cancer Day, we hope politicians will unite to call time on obesity in Scotland. In the fight against obesity, laws to restrict the tempting junk food deals that are at the heart of Scotland’s poor diet will be crucial. The evidence for action keeps piling up. We must do much more to make sure the pounds don’t keep piling on.”

However Programme Leader of Obesity Action Scotland, Lorraine Tulloch, believes more needs to be added to the scheme to reduce Scotland’s obesity problem.

She said: “Tackling price notions will make a difference to our diet and it will reduce obesity in Scotland. But it needs to be a package of lots of different measures that are needed.

“We need action on marketing, we need the soft drinks industry brought in, we need a reformulation of the industry, we need a lot of things together to make sure we can reduce obesity levels in Scotland.”

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