Bleach “cures” for autism indicative of larger stigma says health expert

By Olivia Armstrong

ALARMING reports of UK parents using chemicals to kill parasites they believe are causing autism is indicative of society’s ignorance on disability.

Autistic psychologist Louise Jones has said these claims of using dangerous chemicals to “cure” children is “a sign of the extensive stigma against disabled people” .

Media reports during the last few days have shown the “cure” of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) is now being sold on UK-based websites for those who believe autism is caused by “parasites”.

MMS is a strong bleach-based solution made from sodium chloride and citric acid and can cause extreme damage to the stomach and nauseous side effects.

The practice of seeking to “cure” autism through the use of bleach traces back to a cult in America, who believe the use of bleach enemas and ingestion will kill parasitic worms they believe cause autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that is present from birth and at present, no known “cure” for the condition has been discovered.

According to academic Louise, these actions reflect a disturbing attitude of contempt towards autistic people in the UK, especially children and more needs to be done to dispel these myths and for parents to accept their children rather than trying to change them at the risk of their own health.

She said: “It is appalling that a parent would intentionally poison their child in a bid to ‘cure’ them of autism. This is indicative of the stigma and discrimination faced by many autistic people by society.”



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