Scottish Grand Prix Crucial to Badminton

By Ryan Crombie

HEAD of Badminton Scotland events organisation has explained the necessity of events such as the Grand Prix currently taking place at the Emirates Arena.

The 2017 Scottish Open Grand Prix is well underway with over 300 players entering from all over the world. The Grand Prix is Scotland’s largest badminton event and is one of the biggest tournaments in the world and with multiple Scots, including No.1 seed Kirsty Gilmour, entering the fray of the competition.

Peter Dean, Head of events has emphasised its necessity for putting badminton on the map in Scotland: “Its crucial that we have this event here as its one of the biggest in the world and doesn’t just draw attention to badminton but to Scotland as whole.

“In terms of Badminton in Scotland this is excellent coverage for the sport and goes a long way to help promote it. We have the BBC covering the semi finals and finals live on television and we have Badminton Scotland streaming all the games. “

Peter Dean then went to highlight the initiative they have encouraged, inviting school pupils to the event in Glasgow: “We also have over 10,000 school kids attending over the course of the event. It’s part of the programme and we hope as a result we can encourage some of them into badminton. The event as a whole is a great opportunity to broadcast the sport of badminton to the world.”

Speaking to the official programme for the event, President of Badminton Scotland also highlighted getting the school’s involved: “In tandem with this event Badminton Scotland takes pride in involving hundreds of school children in sessions to introduce them to this great game or develop their skills further. The Big Hit festivals are a terrific initiative and long may it continue.”

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