Glasgow band Fauves set to release debut EP

By Selina McLean

Spearheaded by frontman Ryan Caldwell, Glasgow band Fauves have announced their debut EP entitled Les Fauves, which will be released on January 17th next year on indie label Spiral Oh. The release features five tracks, including latest single “Twilight Daylight” and will cater for fans both old and new.

Ryan said: “Most of the songs on the EP are quite chilled out, with an interlude in the middle with some funky music, we’re excited to have vinyl out as well, with thanks to Spiral Oh.”

The five-piece will play their most anticipated headline to date, two days later, at King Tuts as part of their annual New Year’s Revolution Festival on January 19th, with support from local talent Walt Disco, The Vignettes and Snack Villain. Fans can expect: “Funky indie pop, with an edge, we’re not a safe band at all.”

Still a relatively new collective, having only started performing live at the start of 2017, Fauves was a venture born through a college assignment: “I was doing sound production and had to do a project recording a band but the slot was a Thursday Morning so it was impossible to get a full band in to do it so I thought I’d do my own thing, got that done and then thought I’d quite like to play these songs live so I asked the boys to help me out.”

Forming an initial bond through music and living in the same town, they’ve dominated the latter half of this year with high profile performances and single releases, each more dynamic than the last. The individual experience that can be found within this band is clear with most having successful musical projects on the side, making their knack for starting a band that much easier:

“We first started jamming and experimenting two years ago but the first Fauves track wasn’t released until February 2016 but nothing ever happened, we didn’t start practicing until the beginning of 2017. The promotor really liked us and put us up for a headline show and that was the only reason we wanted to start practicing because it was a good opportunity. “

Looking to the future the band have hopes of carrying on the momentum created over the past few months: “In the new year we want to do festivals and a support tour would be nice but who knows what the future holds and our headline at King Tuts will be fun!”


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