Still Game Star Calls it ‘Incredible but Unsurprising’ as 10,000 People Apply to Volunteer at Glasgow 2018

By Nicolle Cassels

GLASGOW 2018 Volunteer Ambassador and Still Game star Sanjeev Kohli said: “The response to the call for Glasgow 2018 volunteers has been incredible but entirely unsurprising” after around 10,000 applications were received.

The Glasgow 2018 organization received applications from 89 different countries and 7,000 applicants came from Scotland alone. Over a fifth of applications were from Glasgow and 30 percent were under the age of 26.

Only around 3,000 volunteers are required for the games. Successful applicants will be contacted between now and the end of the year as they undertake a skills matching session.

Sanjeev Kohli also said : “The people of Scotland and Glasgow will always rise to a challenge and they never shy away from helping people when they can. Put simply – this is right up our street!

“Equally, it’s been encouraging to see applications come in from people with all backgrounds and from right across the board. To have people applying from, not just around Scotland but around the world shows the reputation Glasgow and Scotland have worldwide.

“Thank you to all of those who have answered the call and I wish you all the very best of luck with your applications. You really do make the difference!”

 The event will begin in August next year and will feature gymnastics, cycling, swimming, rowing and golfing events all around Glasgow. Tickets for over 84 exciting sporting events will be available from just £10 and from £5 for children. Along side these thrilling sporting events a cultural programme, Festival 2018, will also take place.

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