Same- sex marriage: Is it Love against Nature ?

IT has been almost 2 years since Republic of Ireland voted for legalisation of gay marriage and last week Australians also stepped up with a 61.4% result for yes. The rainbow community is growing but there are still people who think that this kind of love is not right.


“I love the fact that they love each other but I still think it is against the nature.” said Viktoria Gallovičová, international student.


Studies from 2015 shows there are also animals with homosexual behaviours. In article on page Love Nature, Zoologist and Lecturer at the Natural History Museum in Oslo, Petter Bøckman said ‘homosexual behaviour has been observed in over 1,500 species’ and the list includes ‘lions, wolves, deer, seagulls, elephants, monkeys, dolphins, a couple of frog species, some fish, a few insects and an octopus’.


How it can be against the nature while the animals who do not have the ability to use their brain as humans do, are doing the same? Support is visible everywhere, social media platforms are full of statements and people are not scared to express themselves anymore.


“Personally, I believed it would always go through. I think the world has come a long way with accepting what makes us different from one another in the past few decades.” said Michael Brindley, Australian citizen.


“I suppose that no matter what one persons’ skin colour, race, sexuality, gender, etc. we are all entitled to what we like and what we love as human beings. We are all different. But what makes human beings the same is that we experience the same emotions. And love is love at the end of the day and if being in love makes two people happy how can you take that away from them? “

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