£8,100 a year for every student?

By Petya Plachkova

A new report, commissioned by the Scottish Government was filed earlier this week.

The file suggests that all college and university students should have an income of at least £8,100 a year.  This includes loans and bursaries, determined by personal circumstances.

The review looked at the financial stability of all students and considered whether it met the needs of the ones in need.

Some of the key recommendations of the review were:

  • a new social contract for students,
  • budget enhancement ,
  • student loans available in higher education,
  • recommendations for increased bursaries,
  • debt write-off for students going into higher education
  • and a new approach for students on benefits.

While the Scottish Government is looking into those recommendations, Scottish students share their struggle with the loan system.

Kimberly Campbell , a student in digital design, says: “I feel comfortable that I get it every month. Maybe the only reason the amount I get is enough for me, is because I also have a job, so it balancers out. But I think if I didn’t work I would probably need more money.”

Jack McGahan, a business student, shares that what he gets at the moment is enough. “I would also like a raise but what I am afraid of is how am I going to pay it off in the end.”, says Jack.

As we are waiting on the Government to make up its mind, Chancellor Philip Hammond promises to set out a £177 million plan to give schools and an additional £600 for every A-level student.

Mr. Hammond also said he will use the Budget to “invest to secure a bright future for Britain”, in a strong signal that he is ready to start bringing down the curtain on the age of austerity.



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