Historic Glasgow Theatre set to Close for Revamp


By Dominic V. Cassidy

THE Citizens Theatre, located in the Gorbals, is due to be closed for an extensive revamp, costing an estimated £19.4 million.

The Glasgow institution, which has been around under various forms since the late 1800’s, is the biggest theatre which produces its own shows in house, in the west of Scotland.

And while the present location of the theatre will close, the classes and productions, which are currently based out of the South-Side building, will instead be moved to different locations. Because of the partnership the theatre has with Glasgow City Council, audiences and people who participate in classes will be able to continue to do so at the Scotland Street School Museum and Tramway, a Glasgow art space.

The planned redevelopment of the building will work together with various other Glasgow groups as well as the Artistic Director of the theatre, Dominic Hill. He says:

“This latest stage in our £19.4 million redevelopment project presents an exciting opportunity for a number of key landmark cultural organisations to work together in Glasgow. Our shared history of innovation and creativity makes it a great opportunity to collaborate with them.”

There is a definite aim for the Citizens to remain active, even without a house for its creativity, and even those outside of the theatre itself can see this. Councillor David McDonald, Chair of Glasgow Life, talks about the community offered by the Citizens:

“The Citizens Theatre is rooted in the local community and it is absolutely fitting that while the venue is being refurbished, its ambitious programme of live theatre, creativity and learning, will continue across our venues, inspiring audiences from near and far.”

With the theatre closing in June 2018, it is not set to reopen to the public until Autumn 2020.






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