Lisa Aitken perfect Role Model

By Stuart Reid

Scottish Squash CEO says the sport needs role models like Lisa Aitken.

Lisa Aitken is Scotland’s number 1 women’s squash player and CEO Maggie Still feels the people and players like Aitken are what will bring the country success on the sport,

“Lisa is an amazing role model for the younger players coming through, both the younger boys and girls look up to her and what she has came through and achieved

“The way she recovered from her illness to come back and be such a success is something that the young players can learn from and take inspiration from in order to have their own success.”

Maggie Still explains how Aiken helps the young players coming through,

“I would look t on young layer in particular, Georgia Adderley. There is a lot of hope around Georgia and what she can achieve in the sport, which she chose to play over football.

“Lisa has helped her, continuously with dealing with the pressure and the spotlight that comes along with being such a talent.

The CEO also explains how keen an interest Aitken takes in the youngsters’ results,

“Lisa I always keen to know what the youngsters are doing and how they have got on in any particular event.

“It is a true testament to her character and professionalism with how much she is involved with the younger players.

“They really are lucky to have a person like Lisa to look up to and it can only help them in the long run with achieving success and fulfilling their potentials.”

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