Hypnotherapy helps Bungee Jump for charity

By Susie Paterson.


Coylton Karate Club instructor Surraya Healy had to be hypnotised to overcome her fear of heights to bungee jump for charity.

Surraya, 41, from Coylton wanted to raise funds for the Bujinkai Karate Club and help kids attend the WUKF World Karate Champtionships next year in Dundee.

She said ” I had a past episode when I had a kind of parachute jump at Landmark Adventure Park last year, when I got stuck. My brain was telling me to go and nothing happened. I didnt want that to happen again.”

Work associate and hypnotherapist Sharon Adrain to the rescue!

Sharon, 44, from Cumnock offered to hypnotise Surraya and help her overcome her fears. After only one session, a somewhat sceptical Surraya found that she was able to walk along the iron grid to the cage on the 132 foot high jump with ease, and completed the jump.

Surraya said: “I was really very skeptical. I’m not the type of person who can relax easily. Before I went to see Sharon, in the week leading up to the jump, I had a ball of anxiety in my throat. I was really surprised when it worked.

“The guys there told me what to do and I did it. Normally I would have been clinging to the walls and shaking like a leaf, but I realised I was standing on a grid 130 feet up and I was just enjoying the view.”

Surraya raised £200 for her jump, but a lot more is needed.

“There are about 30 kids and we want to raise funds to get more of the Karate juniors to the championships in June in Dundee next year. It can be an expensive business. ”
When asked if she would do it again, Surraya said: “Do you know I would, because my fear is gone. I really enjoyed it.”


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