Comic book industry reacts to Netflix and Mark Miller’s announced collaboration

Netflix announced that they’re taking a jab at publishing comics. The Industry is now commenting on it.

In the past month, the streaming website Netflix announced that they had bought the rights for comic book giant and Scotland’s own Mark Miller’s line of comics, Millerworld.

Netflix plans to develop several movies and tv shows around well-known titles like “Kick-Ass” and “The Kingsman”. However, to the surprise of a lot of people, the streaming giant announced that they’re also publishing Miller’s next work (yes, in comic book format). The upcoming title was recently announced and it’s going to be called: “Magic Order”.

Collin Sloan, owner of Ayr’s only comic book shop/ video shop, “FastForward”, has a divided opinion on the matter:

“I own a video shop and Netflix, as a streaming website, is destroying one side of my business. However, Mark Miller is a god of comic books as far as I’m concerned and so anything that promotes him and his work is a good thing to me.”_MG_1630[1]


Mr. Sloan also took the opportunity to reflect on how recent event are slowly chipping away at the comic book market in the U.K: “The comic book industry here took a hit with Brexit. Most of these (comic books) are imported from the United States and with the pound dropping as it did we had to increase prices considerably”.

Mr.Sloan concluded by supporting the collaboration: “Any investment in the industry, specially in top dogs like Mark Miller, can only be a good thing.”


Manuel Cardo

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