Cash for Kids is back with their Christmas Mission

by Lea Fabbrini

After making a difference on Christmas day for nearly 80,000 children in Scotland last year, ‘Cash for Kids’s Mission Christmas, is back. The Charity run by West FM and Clyde 1 is hoping to make a difference once again.

In Ayrshire alone the charity helped 678 children.

UWS News talked to Annette at Cash for Kids in Ayr about their hopes for this years’ outcome. She said “Hopefully this year we will do the same again. We always do the jumper day, that’s where people can join in and wear their Christmas jumper but apart from that we are open to people fundraising to whatever way they want to do and just raise us some money for Christmas that then we can give out to children that we support.”

According to the charity 1 in 4 local children are living in poverty and during holidays families struggle to bring meals to the table. For many, Christmas is bound to be just an other day on the calendar.

Annette says: “What we raise goes out to children as a £25 Christmas grants we give out and that is where the majority of the money goes.”

Cash for Kids also has a Christmas launch at Ayr Racecourse which is a significant part of the money they bring in for Christmas, which is more towards the business community.

For anyone that wants to find out more, donate money or get involved in ‘Jumper Day’, which is held on the 8th of December, they can go on https://planetradio.co.uk/clyde/cashforkids/


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