Scottish Women in Sports award event

A Scottish Women in Sports award event took place in Glasgow on Friday November 10th. It was the fourth annual gathering hosted by the Scottish Women in Sports in cooperation with Qualified Teacher Status.

The event brought together women and men associated with women sports, to celebrate the successful year for female sport in Scotland.

2017 has shown that women’s place in sport should not be underestimated. Starting from National Women Football team qualifying of EURO to the British team claiming the gold medal of the Track Cycling World Cup with victory in the women’s team pursuit.

Aileen Campbell, the Minister of sport, who was participating in the event said:

“I am really excited to be here, to celebrate the achievements over 2017 of Scottish Women in Sports and the fact that SWiS managed to bring together so many high performance athletes and women who are involved in sport in highest level. Also from business and industry as well.”

Scottish Women in Sport vision is for all females of different ages, abilities and ethnicity to be able to participate in physical activities, giving them equal opportunities as men. Events like these ones make women athletes stand out by showcasing their achievements to the worlds of Sport.

Phyllis Mcleish a SWiS Trustee, shares her opinion about the event:

“I think that it is really important for female athletes and females in any walk of life, who want to break the barriers, in events like that they can come together and share their achievements.”

“The event brings the goal for people to see females equal and not be disadvantaged but the boys outings and excluded from things just because we are females.”


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