More trained professionals needed for diabetes sufferers

By Amy McGhee

THERE should be more trained professionals able to deal with diabetes  sufferers who also suffer from mental health, according to Diabetes Scotland.

New research out today has discovered that two thirds of people in Scotland who are suffering from diabetes,  also deal with mental health problems.

The research carried out by Diabetes UK, found that 64% of people asked admitted they felt down due to their condition, some even said they deal with issues such as depression and anxiety.

Only 28.7% of those who took part in the research believed they felt in control of their diabetes.

The acting national director at Diabetes Scotland, Claire Fleming believes more can be done to help people living with diabetes.  Claire said: “Diabetes affects more than 291,000 people in Scotland and it is the fastest growing health crisis of our time.

We want to see a system where specialist support is made available to those who need it. In Scotland, we’d like to see increased availability of trained staff to meet the emotional and phycological needs of people living with diabetes. This should include core training in mental health skills for all healthcare professionals working with diabetes.”

The report released today, which is World Diabetes Day, stated that 22% of people had sought help from a trained professional to deal with their diabetes.

Claire said: “This new research brings to light the isolation that can come from managing an invisible condition and how living with diabetes can be detrimental to a person’s emotional wellbeing without the right support.”

The main charity for diabetes, Diabetes UK are urging the government to improve life for diabetes sufferers by committing to their funding staying at £44 million until at least 2021.




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