TamFest 2017

Now a part of the town’s culture, Tamfest was first created by local business owner, Meredith McCrindle, in an attempt to attract more visitors to Ayr town centre.

This Year the festival included several entertaining new acts like fire jugglers, entertainers on two different stages , a special version of the play Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at the Gaiety, food and local produce stands and according to a local illusionist street performer, “an amazing atmosphere”.


Street Performer at TamFest 2017

The  owner of “By Heck! Preserves“, a company which specialises in chutney and jams, was one of the people working at the food stands this weekend. She  introduced herself as “a festival veteran” and even backed it up. “I’ve done Dumfries and Galloway Country Fair, the Borders book festival in Melrose and I’ve done Dumfries agricultural show and Moffat agricultural show…and I do 6 farmers markets a month” she added “This year’s TamFest has been great and the weather is helping to maintain a great atmosphere today.”



TamFest 2017 Atmosphere

On Sunday, the festival culminated with a parade of colours, dancing and music.

What seemed like the entire town of Ayr and a bit more, rushed to the sidewalks of the high streets and cheered as the zombies, ghosts, wizards and of course SambaYaBamba bag pipers, strolled down the sunny road to the main stage of the festival, where several bands performed during the earlier hours of the day.

Text, Photography and Video Report by Manuel Cardo (@ManelCardo)


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