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Clocks going forward this weekend across Ayrshire

Residents across Ayrshire will be setting their clocks forward by one hour this weekend as British Summer Time commences.

It was first established in the early 20th century following a successful campaign by William Willett. He originally wanted time to move forward by 80 minutes, but in May 1916 Britain decided to annually move the clocks allowing for lighter evenings.

The longer days ahead and, hopefully, better weather this coming summer will bring opportunities for an increase in recreational activities such as sport.

The tourism industry will also be anticipating and welcoming visitors to Ayrshire and Scotland. Burns Night is associated with Scotland’s most well appreciated poet of all time in Alloway.

The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum which is located in the village south of Ayr holds events throughout the year and has attracted visitors worldwide throughout the year. It opened over six years ago.

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