SRUC and UWS ‘competing’ to collect for food banks

By Jonny Clark

LOCAL food banks are busier than ever with Christmas fast approaching, and with a friendly rivalry brewing at the University of the West of Scotland’s Ayr campus, they are soon to get even busier. 

UWS’ Information Services (IT) crew are collecting food in the form of an advent calendar, with different types of food being asked for every day.

Scottish’s Rural College, who collected last year too, are doing the same and are eager to raise more for local food banks than their cross-campus rivals.

Organiser of the SRUC campaign Sharon Cowan told us what inspired her to collect: “I just think there’s some things you take for granted, going home, heating, food. Some people don’t have that.”

Sharon talked about the healthy competition with UWS: “Our aim was just to raise as much as possible but the guys from UWS have now decided they will collect more than us so the challenge is on.

“Our aim now is to collect more than UWS. We will definitely win, we will use any means possible. We will fight dirty,” Sharon joked.

Head of Information Services at UWS, Mark Hamilton, is hoping for “carload” of food to deliver to the food banks on December 19.

Mark added: “We have got austerity, we have got cutbacks, we have got changes to the social system and now we have got Brexit, which is having an effect on the economy.

“Those that have should be helping those that do not, particularly when you are in a season which is all about goodwill and sharing amongst people.”

All joking aside, the rival groups both hope the real winners will be the food banks that work tirelessly all year round to help those less fortunate.

If you wish to donate head over to SRUC’s main office or IT services on the third floor.

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