Is it smart to steal?

By Amy McGhee

A mobile game has been launched in the UK, which motivates players to “steal” from each other.

The game, Snatch was created by ex-forensic scientist Joe Martin. The premise of the game is that players take part in a virtual treasure hunt. The users try to find virtual parcels, all of which contain various prizes, such as a year worth of free pizza from Pizza Hut. The players can claim parcels from other users too.

There are 250,000 prizes available on the app, with one of the best prizes being a year of university fees being paid for by the app.

Mr Martin said: “You are rewarded with cool prizes worth playing for if you win. We are so excited to get the UK out and active, playing Snatch and winning real prizes. I’ve spent two years developing this game and it’s an amazing feeling to see it finally go live to the British public across the country, just in time for Christmas.”

The game has been released in London already and 41,000 prizes have already been snatched. The game will soon come to Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow.

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