Dogs Trust Christmas Campaign

By Amy McGhee

THIS Christmas, Dog’s Trust are changing their name to Socks Trust to try and encourage the British people to give presents such as socks, instead of dogs.

The campaign has been set up to put the spotlight on dogs being given as Christmas presents to owners who are ill prepared to cope with the pets.

Adrian Burder, Dog’s Trust CEO said: “There’s no denying that buying a puppy for a loved one can seem like an extravagant and exciting purchase. Unfortunately, the realities that come with being a new dog owner are often overlooked in the thrill of it all.”

To get the word out about the problem, Dog’s Trust have designed socks adorned with pictures of dogs that have been abandoned. The socks can be purchased from Dog’s Trust Charity Shops all over the country and all of the funds raised from the sales will go towards caring for the dogs in the charity’s care.

Adrian Burder said: “As Socks Trust, we are encouraging propspective buyers to make sure they’ve thoroughly thought about the reality of dog ownership before they impulse buy. Instead, opt for a safe pair of cosy socks that their loved ones definitely won’t give back this year. After all, we can never have too many pairs of Christmas socks!”.

The campaign highlights that, Dog’s Trust’s well-known slogan “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” is still highly relevant, 38 years after it was originally coined.

Sarah Hey, Support Relations Officer at Dog’s Trust said: “Sadly, this is an on going problem as every year over 1,000 unwanted dogs are handed in to the 20 Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres in the weeks following the festive puppy-buying rush, with 1,256 handed in during period last year alone.”


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