Subscription based email blamed for SFA scam


THE SCOTTISH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION have tried to reassure fans after a subscription based email provider was blamed for their invoice fiasco.

On Monday email subscribers received a message which appeared to be from the the SFA.

The message, which was under the rather innocent name of, “Scotland Supporters Club,” sent fans an amended invoice claiming to be from the accounts department. The message asked fans to pay an outstanding fee of £170 by Wednesday.

Yesterday afternoon a further statement was issued to again help fans feel at ease over the situation.

The statement written by the country’s national governing body stated:

“We are continuing to investigate a security breach which resulted in many of our email subscribers receiving a message purporting to be from the Scottish FA.

“We can confirm that the third-party involved is an a subscription based email provider and we are working closely with the provider to establish the cause of the breach.”

Fans were then urged to delete the scam email and run a virus check on their computer.

It concluded by saying: “We would like to offer assurances that no bank or credit card details have been shared.

“The Scottish FA would again like to apologise to anyone affected.”

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