Kilmarnock ranked in top ten UK towns for emergency passports

By Callum Scott

KILMARNOCK holiday-goers are ranked within the top ten towns in the UK for emergency passports – the only place in Scotland.

The investigation conducted by Airport Parking and Hotels (APH) has found invalid passports are costing UK travellers more than £14m a year and Kilmarnock is responsible for 3.3% – ranking it seventh for the UK.

The cost is calculated through the purchase of the Premium one-day passport service and getting a same day adult passport costs an extra £55.50 on top of the standard £72.50 or £82.25 using the Post Office’s Passport Check and Send service.

The study revealed that HM Passport Office received a staggering 254,529 applications nationally for its Premium one-day passport service in the past year – a total cost of £14,126,359.50.

The main reasons for the mass use of this service is down to some countries now adopting the approach visitors must have at least six-months’ validity on their passport.

Beverley Barden, head of marketing at Airport Parking and Hotels is urging holiday-goers to be cautious and be aware of the small print when booking holidays.

She said: “It’s shocking to see how many people in Kilmarnock are paying out for the Premium passport service, but checking these less glamorous elements of travel often falls by the wayside as we look forward to jetting off.

“With many countries requiring at least six months’ validity, it really is essential that people make checking their passport a priority when booking a trip.”

She added: “It’s planning ahead with these more ‘mundane’ aspects of travel – such as pre-booked airport parking – that can ensure a trip gets off to a stress-free start and saves money for the fun times ahead.”

Of the top ten, Redhill in Surrey ranked number one, being responsible for 14.5% of the £254,000 emergency passport applicants in the last 12-months.

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