FACTFILE: Donald Trump 90th Time person of the year

By Jonny Clark

DONALD Trump became 2016’s TIME magazine’s person of the year on Wednesday beating Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin to first place.

Trump won the 90th award and follows German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who won the award in 2015, largely for her open treatment towards refugees and welcoming them into Germany.

As Time point out themselves, the title is not necessarily given to the best, kindest or most helpful person of the year – but is simply the most influential and Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler have both won the award in the past.

Although it is hard to argue with the influence Donald Trump has had and will have on the world, there has still been much controversy over the award being handed to the billionaire.

There is the controversial placement of the ‘m’ in TIME which is directly above Trump’s head – seemingly in an attempt to look like devil horns.


It is, though, very unsurprising that Trump has gone on to win the award.

Here are some of the numbers behind the win:

This is the fifth straight Time’s person award for an elected or re-elected president (George W. Bush 2000, 2004. Barack Obama 2008, 2012. Donald Trump 2016)

Gerald Ford is the only post-war American president that has NOT won Time’s magazines person of the year.

Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover did not win the award before the war, although Coolidge was already President when the first issue was released.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only person to win the award on three separate occasions.

Eight women have won the award (sometimes jointly or as part of a group), with the most recent being Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, in 2015.



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