Students Favourite Scottish Attractions

By Amy McGhee

THERE are many different attractions all over Scotland which have intrigued tourists and locals, however just what places of interest intrigue Scotland’s students the most.

Edinburgh Castle

It is perhaps the most well-known landmark in Scotland’s capital city and the one tourists think of  when they think of Scotland so it’s not hard to see why 1,568,508 visitors paid a trip to the historic castle in 2015. Quynh O’Neill, a 22-year-old student, said: “ Edinburgh has the best views and it’s a relaxed atmosphere.”

National Museum of Scotland

The museum, located in Edinburgh, is home to many different types of collections from art and fashion to science and is one of the most popular free attractions in Scotland

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond with its picturesque views is popular with both tourists and Scottish people. Alyx Donald, a 20 year old student, said: “It’s just really pretty and it’s free, plus it’s not that hard to get to.”

Stirling Castle

Another well loved landmark, which offers a lot of history, although you have to pay at least £16.50 for entry, there are lots to see and do, with an interactive tour.

Nathan Ferguson, 24, believes: “Stirling is the best place to go to, I prefer it to Edinburgh by far, there’s interactive stuff and it’s just a bit more exciting. Plus I love Stirling I think it’s a nice place, if it’s a nice day!”

Kelvin Grove Art Gallery

The fifth most popular place mentioned was Kelvin Grove which has been around since 1901.

Erin McLean said: “It’s my favourite place to go by far, its close by and it’s really interesting because they’ve always got something going on. Also if you go to Kelvin Grove Park, it’s just so calm and you can chill out.”

Loch Ness

Perhaps the most famous place, particularly with tourists is Loch Ness however, it doesn’t appear to be as popular with Scottish students.

Alyx said: “I mean it’s something you think about when you think of Scotland, but it’s not really the best place ever, I think tourists like it a bit more than we do.”

St Andrews

St Andrews offers both a beach and a legendary golf club, so it of course had to make the list and the Royal Golf Club of St Andrews, founded in 1750, holds regular world – wide competitions.


For tourists coming to Scotland, the Highlands offers the views they were expecting and it seems that the Scottish people agree with this also.

Nathan said: “I love going up to the Highlands, I don’t go up that often but its one of the most amazing places ever, you don’t get views and scenery like that anywhere else in the world!”

Kirsty Haddow, a 20-year-old student, said: “I love the highlands, especially Loch Katrine which is just so pretty.”



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