Recycling medical equipment can save NHS millions

By Chris Doyle

THE NHS in Glasgow is saving millions of pounds every year by recycling hospital equipment.

Cordia and EquipU recycle £2.8 million worth of equipment annually through the NHS Trust of Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Equipment such as walking frames, wheelchairs and crutches are picked up, cleaned and returned to the NHS saving the Glasgow region vital money and resources.

Occupational Therapist, Emma Louise, who works for NHS in England, feels it is a great idea to recycle equipment as it does not just save money, but the quality of the equipment remains intact.

She, who believes she is fortunate to have the service, said: “I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between something re-used and brand new, you wouldn’t notice.

“It is normal for me to have it, but the amount of people that don’t need things anymore because people’s situation change all the time and people will want to bring the equipment back.”

Despite having the system in place in Reading, Emma admitted there is still plenty more that can be done to help the NHS.

She said: “The amount of times I have been round to someone’s house and I open a cupboard and the amount of equipment they don’t use anymore, it’s just lying about and they don’t need it anymore.

“They don’t really think about it, but all they need to do is phone the number on the sticker and then they will collect it, deep clean it and they will then re-use that equipment that we will then order again.”

However, the majority of NHS Trusts do not recycle as Glasgow and Berkshire and are losing out on the opportunity to re-use invaluable equipment.

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