On This Day: Sporting Memories


ON THIS DAY: December 7 was a day that etched into history in 1941 due to the bombings of Pearl Harbour but what sporting moments have graced this date?

On a bleak Wednesday afternoon in Ayrshire, UWS Sport News travels down memory lane to see what sporting stories shared today’s date.

1907: 109 years ago an Englishman named Eugene Corri became the first ever referee to set foot in a Boxing ring. The match took place at Covent Garden in London in front of 1,000 fans. Tommy Burns successfully defended his World Heavyweight belt against Gunner Moir by KO in the tenth round.

1930: Tommy Armour won the 13th PGA Championship at Flushing Meadows Country Club in New York. He defeated Gene Sarazen in the finals to pick up his second of three major championships.

1956: 6o years ago today NBA legend Larry Bird was born. Bird was born in West Baden, Indiana, and became a household name playing basketball for the Boston Celtics.

1986: In the world of Football Manchester United faced off against Tottenham Hotspur 30 years ago. It was a six-goal thriller with neither side getting an advantage over the other; finishing 3-3.

1997: Nineteen years ago today Scottish footballer Billy Bremner passed away at age 54 due to a suspected heart attack. Bremner broke through playing at Edinburgh City before making his career at Leeds United.

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