It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Scotland

By Amy McGhee

AS CHRISTMAS approaches, there are many different attractions enticing people to join in the Christmas spirit and one of the most popular highlights of the festive period are Christmas markets.

Christmas markets originated in Germany in the late Middle Ages before they spread across Europe and the oldest running market is the Christkindelsmarik in Strasbourg, France, which boasts an impressive 300 stalls.

From a Scottish perspective, Christmas markets are very popular with both Glasgow and Edinburgh boasting large and diverse markets lining the streets. The most popular and arguably biggest market in Scotland is the Edinburgh one located in the Mound precinct. There are many different types of food and Christmas knick -knacks available. There is even a Children’s market, which is completely separate from the main and includes the chance to see Santa in his grotto.

In Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow there is a couple of different markets with the biggest in George Square.

One market visitor, Paul Dewar, told uwsnewsroom that it is the food that entices him to the market saying: “ My favourite stalls have got to be the burger stalls, you can get all different kinds, kangaroo and venison. It’s really interesting that you can get all these weird types of food but they actually taste amazing.”

The buzz and vibrancy of the square gets everyone nearby into a more festive mood.

The smaller market located in Glasgow is housed in St Enoch’s Square, right outside the St Enoch subway station. and is an excellent place to buy individual unique gifts.

Student and shopper, Rebecca Durie, explained: “ I love the Christmas market, it’s so festive. It just gets you in the spirit of Christmas and you can find a present for someone here. I love getting my family’s presents here, I just got my mum a bottle of gin and I’m looking right now for some other things.”

Although the Christmas markets in Scotland may not be as extravagant as the ones in Europe, they certainly appear to offer a festive attraction to the Scottish people.



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