Does Christmas come too early?

By Corinne Hall

It may only be six days into December but the festive period has well and truly begun and everywhere you look there are lights decorating the outside of houses and Christmas songs being played in every store.

For most of us Christmas is a magical time that we look forward to and one of the main parts of the festive period is the festooning of decorations.

It is undeniable that Christmas is has been increasingly commercialised and decorations are in our faces and on sale in stores as early as October but when it comes to decorating, is there such a thing as too early? And if so, when is the ‘right’ time to decorate?

Uwsnewsroom took to the corridors of UWS Ayr to find out if our students believed there is too early a time to decorate and when they find themselves putting up their own decorations.

Teaching students, Rhona and Lois, told us: “Before December is definitely too early.

“We would put ours up in the middle of December, sometime around the December 12!”

Student Lewis Clarke said: “Anytime before December is too early and I probably won’t put any up as I stay in student halls.

“At home my family would put them up at the start of December.”

But another student, Ross Clark, said: “I leave mine until the December 22.

“It’s a lot of hassle for one day but that’s probably just me being a scrooge!”

We also took to twitter to find out when people think Christmas decorations should go up!


The results on twitter show that 67% of the voters believe that Christmas decorations should be put up after the December 1 and as little as seven per cent saying it is acceptable for them to be put up before December.

It is clear, that although Christmas is one of the most special times of the year, it is widely believed that there can in fact be a time too early to decorate. However, is there really a ‘correct’ or ‘right’ time to decorate? Well that’s just down to preference.

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