UWS Top 10 Christmas films

By Corinne Hall

With advent calendars being opened and Christmas trees popping up in windows, the festive period has well and truly begun. Everywhere you look there’s one more thing to remind you that Christmas is quickly approaching and one of those things is a Christmas movie.

There are channels on the TV dedicated to this genre and DVD stands are filled with all the old classics. There are not many people you come across who say they don’t like Christmas films never mind not having a favourite.

We took to halls of UWS Ayr Campus to find out from our very own students just what films make the Top 10 list.

  1. Elf

One of the best, undoubtedly! The story follows everyone favourite Christmas elves, Buddy, on his journey to New York to find his dad. With a few surprises along the way, Will Ferrell does not disappoint with humour and memorable quote.

Sports student Michael said: “I’m not going to lie, I just really like elves.

“He makes you laugh and just feel good, that’s what Christmas is all about!”

Another student Bruce agrees saying: “He’s just so cheery.

“Oh, and he’s got a great outfit!”

  1. Miracle on 34th street

The classic! The Christmas film that everyone and their gran have seen. With a man named Kriss Kringle filling in for a fake Santa and claiming to be the real one. This timeless classic brings the real Christmas feeling to everyone.

Journalism student Lynn said: “I think it’s my favourite because it makes me feel really young and takes me back to a time where Christmas was completely magical.

“Christmas is still magical but that’s because of family now, not because of Santa and reindeers.”

3. Home Alone

Again, another film it wouldn’t be Christmas without. With more than one movie, the Home Alone trilogy promises to keep you laughing all the way through the Christmas period and wishes you a “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!”

Shaun, a 19 year old student at UWS, said: “When you think of Christmas, you think of Home Alone!

“It’s just absolutely hilarious and when it comes on you know it’s Christmas time!”

  1. The Grinch

Not just one for the kids. The Grinch is a classic story of a bah humbug with a real fictional twist. Adapted from the Dr. Seuss book for children, it is clear the movie is love by all of our students!

Sports journalism Student Callum told us: “the Grinch is hands down the best one!

“It’s funny, it’s entertaining… just a classic really!”

  1. Jingle All the Way

Here’s the mention to those underrated ones! Arnold Schwarzenegger proves nothing will stand in the way of a parents love for their children, especially at Christmas, not even the latest toy or another dad in form of Sinbad!

Hannah, 21, said: “This is my favourite because is just such a feel good film.”

  1. Bad Santa

Sports Coaching student, Stuart, said: “Mainly just for the hilarity.

“Christmas films are not just for kids!”

  1. Die hard

Ah and here it is. The grand debate at this time of the year… Is Die Hard really a Christmas movie? Our students have a definite opinion on that.

Student Liam says: “If Die hard counts, 100% that!

“I’m not really a fan of the soppy movies so this one adds a bit of grit to Christmas!”

Matt said: “Definitely Die Hard, mainly just for how brilliant it is!

“And for the argument that it’s not actually a Christmas movie, when it definitely is.”

  1. A Christmas Carol

Yet another movie another movie it would be Christmas without, whether it be on the TV or labelling everyone, who objects to early decoration and festive jumpers, ‘Scrooge’.

Ryan told us: “ I think A Christmas Carol is one of the best because it’s not like your average Christmas film”

  1. The Polar Express

When Tom Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis pair up it’s always great and this time is no different. The train to the North Pole spark self-discovery in its passengers and with songs like “When Christmas comes to Town” there will be an odd tear shed!

Nursing student, Jade, told us “We cant forget about this one!

“It doesn’t matter what age you are, you always have to look this one out at this time of the year!”

  1. Love Actually

Following nine separate stories that all are revealed to be intertwined, Love Actually never disappoints. With Hugh Grant dancing around Downing Street to Girls Aloud, what’s not to love?

Hollie, 22, said: “I love Love Actually, how can you not?

“It just makes me feel great when I watch it!”

There we have it, the top 10 Christmas Movies from UWS. Whether this has reminded you of some of the old favourites you know you have to rewatch or has left you doubting if Die Hard really is a Christmas film, you know it wouldn’t be Christmas without each and every one of these.

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