Scratch That: Vinyl Is Back On Top!

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

Digital downloads have taken another blow as  it is reported that more money was spent on vinyl than downloaded albums last week.

Vinyl sales made the record industry £2.4m, while downloads took in £2.1m, the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) said. For contrast, during the same week last year vinyl sales only equated to £1.2 million while digital downloads trumped them with £4.4 million.

ERA Chief Kim Bayley commented on the news, stating that it shows how unpredictable the music industry can be:

It’s not so long ago that the digital download was meant to be the future. Few would have predicted that an album format, first invented in 1948 and based on stamping a groove into a piece of plastic, would now be outselling it in 2016.

This is one of many hits the download sector of the music industry has taken following the surge in music streaming sites. The streaming juggernaut Spotify is worth over $8 billion and the company is set to increase this in 2017, managing to deflect criticism by artists such as Radiohead who recently released their discography with the service.


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