Maybole High Street Braces Itself For Dentist Refurb

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

Maybole Dental Practice is set to expand on the high street with the recently bought shop below to be converted into a main reception.

David Logan, whose father owned the building prior to him and has been in charge of the practice for over a decade, bought the below shop to make his facilities more accessible in accordance to the Disability Discrimination Act. Doing this will make it much easier for those with mobility issues who as patients must climb a set of stairs to make their way to the reception.

Plans to buy the shop have been in existence for as long as Mr Logan has been in charge of the Dental Practice but only recently did he decide to buy it, in no small part due to the water damage seeping through the walls into the stairwell of the practice. When asked about what he planned to do, Mr Logan said: “The main entrance, which is currently a side door in the alley beside the shop, will instead be the shop formerly known as Filly’s. This new ground access will have surgeries downstairs which will make it easier for our patients to take advantage of. In addition, there’ll need to be a complete refurbishment and renovation due to the damage. It’s affected the floorboard, walls and pretty much everything so it’ll essentially be a shell to begin with.”

15368773_1166751326693558_321295023_oThis news follows the recent announcement that Maybole Community Council would be granted £50,000 in uncommitted reserves. Many hope that this will help fund the Maybole Bypass that has been planned for more than two decades as well as help repair the damaged high street. Just last night a lorry crashed into a building just next to the dental practice and many businesses on high street have complained about noise pollution to how many trucks pass through the small town every day.

While there is currently no date set for the new area downstairs to open, planning is already underway to make it a reality. Mr Logan has already been in contact with an architect and with a loan of £50,000-60,000 being taken out for it to help make the changes needed, Maybole’s high street is set to see the first of many rejuvenated buildings.

You can keep up to date on what is happening by liking the Maybole Dental Practice page here.

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