Commuters rage at train chaos


By Matt Bryan

Scotrail has been lambasted this morning by travellers across Scotland as numerous trains cause problems and cancellations.

The rail service has been at the receiving end of criticism all morning. Members of the public have experienced delays, broken down trains and even incorrect information displayed on boards.

Scotrail announced that the problems were due to a signalling issue in Lochwinnoch, and this would affect trains between Ardrossan Harbour, Ayr, and Largs

Olivia Armstrong, a student at University of West of Scotland, Ayr campus said: “We got an 8:30am train and it was delayed at one of the stops. We sat there for a while and then got told the train was terminating here due to a signal problem and there were no arrangements being made for us.

“If our lecturer hadn’t picked us up, there would’ve been almost no way for us to get in and even then we were an hour late. All the trains after us were cancelled or delayed as well.”

Another student travelling to Ayr, Corinne Hall, said: “I got to Irvine train station and sat on the floor for an hour as there was no seat or space in the waiting room.

“We were told it would only be 20 minutes late but it ended up an hour late. There was no official Scotrail employee to tell us what was happening or when our trains were coming, it was another passenger who was making everyone aware of the situation.

“I ended up over an hour late for Uni because of the time we got there and waited in queues for tickets.”

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