Visitors shine a light on harbourside coffers

By Corinne Hall

Irvine’s harbour side has received a welcome cash boost after an illuminating weekend was dubbed a huge success.

The Illumination: Harbour Festival of Light attracted thousands of visitors from near and far to the waterside part of the town over a four day event which started last Wednesday.

People lined the streets for the fireworks and other colourful attractions as well as pouring into the local cafes and restaurants in the area.

Local restaurant manager, Dale Aaron, said: “It’s always great for the town when the local festivals are organised.

“But this one is even better as it has been at the harbour and has attracted large crows to a beautiful part of the town.”

Local resident, Nicola Trodden, said: “It has been great for the town and the harbour in particular.

“It has brought people down to a part of the town that nobody else would necessarily come to.”

The festival has played a massive part in the local councils bid at developing the area of the town.

With the spectators being exposed to Irvine’s harbourside due to the festival, the local businesses have seen a great impact.

Dale continued: “The business by the harbour have definitely benefited over the past few days and people were looked for somewhere to eat and have a drink.

“We were certainly busier than we anticipated from the festival and the town in general has been at a great advantage due to it to.”

The festival included light trail and acrobat displays and finished on Saturday December 3.

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