Nicola Sturgeon accuses UK Government of silencing Scotland

By Olivia Armstrong

NICOLA Sturgeon has recently accused the Conservative Government of wishing to silence Scotland’s vote over Brexit.

The First Minister spoke out while addressing the SNP’s National Council in Perth on Saturday, accusing the Scottish Tories of attempting to silence Scotland’s voice over the Brexit Vote and accused them of putting the right-wing Tory party before Scotland.

She said “When it comes to Europe the Scottish Tories are showing their true colours. Week after week in the Scottish Parliament the Tories vote against continuing membership of the European Single Market.

“The Scottish Tories are not just putting party before country – they’re putting the right-wing of the Tory party before country. The Tories want to silence Scotland. But we, the SNP, will make Scotland’s voice heard.”

Dr Phillipa Whitford, MP for Central Ayrshire, believes there is a genuine contempt among the Conservatives against Scotland and the lack of attention placed on Scotland’s decision to stay as part of the European Union is deliberate on the part of the UK Government.

Dr Whitford said: “We hear there might be a special for Nissan to invest, there might be a special deal for London, there might even be a special set-up to avoid border problems in Northern Ireland but the area that voted clearly as a country to remain is ignored. And the question is what is the next thing that might be a decision made in London with no consideration made to Scotland? To me, this vote absolutely crystalises Scotland’s lack of control over its own future.

28322356605_6d1624aa9d_bSitting for the last year and a half in parliament, you only need to look at the debates and question times to see the general distain and contempt for Scotland. There is absolutely no recognition of Scotland general contribution to culture or society and certainly no recognition of our contribution to the economy. The description of us as a people is hopeless and helpless and that has been relentless.”


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