Blatter ban upheld, banished from football for six years


SEPP BLATTER, the former FIFA president, has lost his appeal against his six-year ban from football.

After originally banned for eight years on December 2015, he has now lost his appeal against his reduced sentence of six years.

The sentence, handed down for a £1.3m payment made to former UEFA supremo Michel Platini, was confirmed today by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

BT Sport pundit Gary Lineker summed up the good riddance feel of reaction to Blatter’s staying banished.

He tweeted: “Sepp Blatter has said that he has lost his appeal against a six-year ban from FIFA. Let’s hope that, for once, he’s telling the truth.”

People around the word were bitterly disappointed that Blatter dared to appeal in the first place. A range of Tweets read:

” Should have been a life ban”

“How it’s not a lifetime ban is still beyond me”

“Should be six years in jail”

As much as he will pay for what he has done, for people around the world it just does not seem enough.

Many simply do not understand why only six years been applied. For many jail would be the only good answer.

” If he wasn’t ex-president of FIFA but just an ordinary person, he would be sentenced to jail!” said another Twitter rant.



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