Education Scotland Deny Fall in School Inspection Claims

By Angus MacDonald

EDUCATION SCOTLAND has refuted claims from the Scottish Conservatives suggesting that the number of school inspections will fall in the coming year.

The Conservatives referred to figures that suggested the number of school inspections was going to decrease from 115 to 107.

Education Scotland is the public body responsible for carrying out these school inspections.

Education Scotland denied the claims as a spokesperson said: “Education Scotland has committed to increasing inspections over the coming years and we are confident that we will deliver on this commitment.

“The reality is we will see no fall in the number of inspections this year and we will see a significant increase in 2017/18.”

Nicola Sturgeon was asked about the school inspections at First Minister’s questions in January and stated that there would be an increase in the coming years.

However, the projected figures suggest that 90 inspections will take place in primary schools and there will be 17 secondary schools inspected, totaling the lowest number of inspections in the last five years.

The figures are contained in papers for this week’s meeting of Holyrood’s Education Committee.

Despite the figures, Education Scotland defended themselves adding: “The exact number of inspections regularly change in-year as resources are redeployed.”

Photo Credit: Lee Nachtigal

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