20 questions with Kris Boyd


ON Thursday, Kilmarnock and Rangers legend Kris Boyd joined the UWS Sportsdesk in an exclusive visit to our Ayr Campus.

This decade’s most popular debate in football is Messi or Ronaldo? So we asked the penalty box predator Boydy what side of the fence he was on for this subject and an array of others in our 20 questions feature.

Messi or Ronaldo?

Gordon Strachan or Walter Smith?

Two totally different managers with different strategies. Strachan was on the pitch and Walter was on the pitch when he was younger. But Walter as a manager, I’ve had many good experiences with him, so I will have to go Walter.

Craig Levein or George Burley?

PS4 or Xbox One?

Action or Comedy?

Game of Thrones or Walking Dead?

Simpsons or Family Guy?

Strictly or X-Factor?

Biffy Clyro or Franz Ferdinand?

Concert or Festival?

Salt and Sauce or Salt and Vinegar?

Darts or Snooker?

I can watch both but I think Darts is more entertaining.

Glasgow or Kilmarnock?

[laughs] I live in Ayr. I have always been one to think if you play for either half of the Old Firm, you don’t get a minutes peace (in Glasgow). So if I was to answer one of them I’d say Kilmarnock.

Middlesbrough or Portland?

Match of the Day or SportScene?

I’d have to say SportScene because nine times out of 10 I have already seen the goals before Match of the Day.

Would you rather score the winner at Celtic Park for Rangers in a title decider or Winner for Kilmarnock in the Scottish Cup Final against Ayr?

It is a difficult one to be honest. I think both would hold a special place if you were to do them, but probably Rangers.

Chris Sutton or Michael Stewart?

I better be careful with what I say. Although, it doesn’t matter whatever I say Chris will find a way to argue with me. I’ll go Chris.

Barton or Brown?

Dembele or Griffiths?

Blue or Green?

Blue all day.

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