Opinion: Why Andy Murray should NOT be knighted…YET


Amid all the clamour for Andy Murray to receive a knighthood, the man himself has played down his chances.


He feels that he is too young to receive the “highest honour you can get in this country”, and it is hard to disagree with him.


Knighthoods are given to people at the end of their careers or those who have long since retired with a string of achievements behind them. Far from being finished, Murray is currently at the peak of his powers having topped the world rankings for the first time.


It would only be fair to the man to allow him to continue to concentrate on his career and racking up more titles.


At 29 there is nothing to suggest he will not become a triple Olympic champion in 2020. You certainly get the feeling he has plenty more titles to add, including Grand Slams to add to the three he currently has.


Once he has done that then he should become a Sir, joining Norman Brookes as the second tennis player to be bestowed with the honour.


Murray also said: “I am still young and there are still a lot of things that can go wrong, I could still mess up and make mistakes. Do stuff wrong. I am just trying to keep doing what I am doing, working hard, and achieving stuff.”

Again, he is talking with a degree of sense. Recipients tend to be older people with squeaky-clean images and those who have contributed heavily to good causes. While it is unlikely that Andy will be involved in any form of controversy, you just never know. If he admits himself that there is a chance then there is a chance. If he manages to make it to retirement with an angelic image to go along with his gongs then get the man knighted.

There is no doubt that Murray is Scotland’s greatest ever sportsman, and one of Britain’s best. For that he should be celebrated, and probably one day knighted. However that day should come only when he has achieved everything he can in the sport, not while his best may be still to come. Until then he should make do with his OBE.



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