World Mental Health Day

By Callum Kerr (@callumkerrx)

Monday the 10th of October marked World Mental Health Day, A day set out to break down the stigma around ill mental health and to find help for those in need.

The day was filled with people sharing their own battles and raising awareness of issues surrounding all mental health. Ill mental health covers a very wide spectrum including disorders such as bipolar, eating problems, OCD and depression.

The twenty-four hours have come to a close but unfortunately for many their battle continues; so how does this event hope to tackle the long-term problem ill mental health poses?

Alison Toner, Programme Leader for the BSC Mental Health Nursing Course highlight how influential days like this are in the long-term: “they are very important in terms of getting that message of mental health out there… It’s very good in getting the word out there in the public domain.

“As it has gone on I have seen quite a difference, particularly with social networking, years ago we would just have had a stall but now with Facebook and such we can reach a wider audience”.

Social Media really has revolutionised days like his, it gives good causes a platform to reach people in all walks of life: all over the world. Twitter hash tags such as #WorldMentalHealthDay took off and allowed everyone to express there thoughts on the issue in one place.

Eilidh Stewart, a Mental Health Nursing student, is an example of someone who used this platform to raise awareness.

Reaching out to people suffering from ill mental health Alison said, “If you have someone to talk to or someone you can confide in then please do

“There is lots of help out there, It’s just trying to find it”.

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