Roof lifted on £60m museum renovation plans

By Amy McGhee

Fresh details have just been released of a major refurbishment for Glasgow’s Burrell Museum.

On October 23, the door will close for approximately four years on the world-famous collection as renovation costing an estimated £60million gets underway – outside and inside of the building.

Claire Rocha, the public relations officer for the museum. said: “The building was designed in the 1970s. At the time, it was considered cutting edge technology, but the times have changed since then and it needs updating, particularly in regard to the roof.

“A new roof will be fitted replacing the previous one which has caused problems in the past. We have had to move objects because of water getting in.”

The Burrell Museum, located in Pollok Country Park on the south side of Glasgow is home to more than 9,000 objects, with only a fraction of the pieces on display today. The pieces range from medieval art to artefacts from ancient Egypt and China.

The collection, open to the public since October 1983, also has pieces by famous painters and sculptors, Rembrandt and Rodin.

The artefacts were acquired by Sir William Burrell, a Glaswegian shipping agent and art collector.

One bonus of the renovation is that it’s allowed museum staff to update their artefact catalogues.

Claire added: “Not all of the objects have been catalogued, so we’ve been taking note and pictures to digitise all of the collection. This information will be available online for the public for the first time.”

The proposed concept for the design of the refurbishment will be released on October 19.

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