The Cumnock Tryst – Three Year Music Festival

The Cumnock Tryst festival celebrates another successful year, bringing an array to musical talent to East Ayrshire. From 29th September to 2nd October, the event saw a huge turnout and described by founder Sir James Macmillan as the best year so far.

IN its third year, The Cumnock Tryst music festival celebrates yet another huge success. The event took place this year from the 29th September to 2nd October and featured a range of musical talent in local venues and halls in East Ayrshire.

The festival brings together an array of Scottish musical talent and had been shortlisted for the Royal Philharmonic Society Music Award in 2015. Sir James Macmillan, one of the most acclaimed composer’s in Scottish history and founder of the festival said he felt this was the best year yet.

“It’s been great. We’ve been building and building each year. We’ve packed out our halls and our venues. The calibre of musicians’ year after year have been extremely high. Classical composer Nicola Benedetti is our patron and she gave a concert with her trio on Friday night. That concert sold out within days of the tickets going on sale.

I became a musician because of Cumnock. I remember Cumnock as a place where a lot of music was appreciated. I decided that it was time to maybe think about a festival and it needed to be in a place that was important to me.”

Other guests performing included the Genesis Sixteen, the RSNO Junior Chorus and the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland Camerata. The main event of the festival was the festival chorus, made up of Cumnock volunteers. Sir James Macmillan explained that this was the most important aspect of the event.

“It’s important that the people in Cumnock feel a sense of ownership of this, not just coming to the concerts as the audience but actually participating in various ways.”



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