Romantically Apocalyptic

AMONG the many independent artists and comic authors making appearances at this MCM Comic-Con in Glasgow was Matt Oglesby, music composer for the Canadian cult-hit comic series Romantically Apocalyptic.

The comic series was first conceptualized in 2005 as a series of post-apocalyptic art pieces by Vitaly S. Alexius on the popular art website Deviantart before expanding into a full collaborative graphic series in 2010.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and follows the adventures and escapades of characters Captain, Pilot, Sniper and Engineer.

The series is notable for its unique and striking art design and wacky humour between the characters.

Creator, co-writer and art director Vitaly S. Alexius makes use of a number of artists and techniques to produce the visual design of the series, including pencil, green screen, use of real-life actors and Photoshop combined with digital painting to produce textures. The result is a cinematic and extremely unique setting that takes full advantage of its post-apocalyptic setting.

Matt Oglesby described how he came to work on the series through a meeting with Alexius: “I have a friend who is a Russian-born Canadian who moved to Canada to take a course in art and we got talking over a mutual love of post-apocalyptic art. He decided that he wanted to turn a novel he had written into a comic and he asked for my help. And so we became business partners.”

He described how appearances at similar comic book conventions have greatly helped the exposure of their project through promotion and merchandise including posters, art books and an independent soundtrack: “Sometimes we go to shows and we don’t make very much money but it’s great to just get the books and the prints into people’s hands and onto their walls.

“It really helps us get the idea of the comic and the visual part of it into people’s lives. We go to many MCM comic-cons because we think they’re the best in the country and we decided to take a punt on the first one a few years ago and we found the people of Glasgow were really into the stuff that we sell, ready to be interested and engaged by the culture of comics that we’re part of.”

More information about the series can be found at the official website:


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