City Superfan Confident Celtic Will Suffer

By Kieran Muir

Celtic’s clash with Manchester City tomorrow night will be the first in the Champions League.

With both sets of supporters selling out their allocations, the match is expected to be a sell-out as the home side look to get their first three points in the group stage this season.

One away fan who won’t have to travel much to get to the match is Derek Smith from Paisley.

The 20-year-old has a season ticket for the Etihad stadium for the past two years and will find himself inside Celtic Park supporting the light blues on match day two.

Despite wanting Scottish football to do well, he thinks it will be on the end of another humiliation in European football again.

He said: “I think Manchester City will come up to Glasgow and potentially teach Celtic another lesson in football.

“At this level it’s always going to be very difficult but when you look at the way that City have been playing since Pep came in, we’ve been flying and been truly dominant in the Premier League.

“Celtic like to say they have one of the best atmospheres in football but I don’t think it will effect the City players that much – they are too classy for that.

“Obviously Celtic have had a decent start to the season themselves under Brendan Rodgers but I think the game could go the same way as Celtic’s last game in Barcelona.”

It’s clear that Derek, a worker for Renfrewshire Council, is feeling confident ahead of the game.  Despite having lived in Scotland all his life, his fondness for the game south of the border is matched by his disapproval of Scotland’s game.

He Said: “Of course the money has a huge part to play, but the whole match day experience is completely different.

“At Manchester City they have City Square which is where fans go before the game, you can have a few pints, enjoy some live entertainment, there is a FIFA hub and I’d say it’s more community based where everybody gets together before the game and even after it.

“Where as in Scotland, people may just go for a few pints and then straight into the game. At the Etihad when it rains they had out free rain macs to those who are exposed to it, whereas in Scotland it would probably cost £5!”

“Even if Celtic do manage to beat Man City tomorrow night, there is no danger in me turning my intentions to football in Scotland again. I’ll take the flack from some friends for a few days then get on with watching some of the best football in the world.”


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