PM ‘divides’ student opinion

Students in Ayr today entered the Brexit debate – with opinion as divided as it seems to be across much of the UK.

When asked for their views on Theresa May’s comments about what the Brexit vote really showed us about British politics,University of the West of Scotland students were split. Some agreed with her, while others had a totally different outlook.

Last week, the PM said: “The EU vote exposed an underlying sense that people felt they have been ignored by politicians at Westminster and Holyrood, for too long.”

Andrew Coley, a Computer Networking student at UWS in Ayr, shared that opinion, adding: “I completely agree with it. I feel Scottish people are disengaged with politics. I personally feel that the result of the Brexit vote shows that. I would also say I feel far more disengaged with politics at Westminster than I do at Holyrood.”

Scotland overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU, with all 32 constituencies voting to stay part of the European Union just over two months ago.

Donna Charman, a Childhood Studies student,  also feels that politicians, especially in Scotland, aren’t listening to the public. She said: “I would say the Scottish Government are forcing you to become disengaged. The fact they’re going on about another independence referendum just two years after we voted no isn’t right.”


But Cameron Gilmour, who studies Computer Networking along with Andrew, has a completely different opinion to his classmate. He said: “I wouldn’t say I feel disengaged with Politics at Westminster. We’re part of the UK and as long as we are we make decisions as a whole.

“I feel there is too much focus in Scotland on independence rather than other areas of importance.”

Commercial Music and passionate ‘yes’ voter in the 2014 referendum, Ryan Hamilton, was “dismayed” by the Prime Minister’s comments. He said: “I disagree with Theresa May. I wouldn’t say we’ve been ignored by politicians in Scotland. The independence referendum made so many people interested in politics – especially first time voters. This was carried over into the EU vote here.

“I personally don’t feel like Westminster represents my views, whereas the Scottish government does a better job of that.

“People are sick and tired of politicians in London saying they will promise to do things and then not delivering on these.”

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