Edinburgh students fear for grades as university strikes persist

By Harris Cumming In the run up to another hectic exam season, students at the University of Edinburgh are growing increasingly concerned as the 8 day strike continues. The strikes, which affect 12 Scottish Universities, seek to improve pay, working conditions and pensions for university staff. As part of the action led by members of the University and College Union (UCU) , pickets are in force in a number of academic buildings across the city. Of those being targeted, the Appleton Tower and David Hume Tower are being fully occupied in an attempt to prevent any access. It has not taken long for this … Continue reading Edinburgh students fear for grades as university strikes persist

Prehistoric Puppers

By Anais MAMPUYA January 11, 2019 at 2.57pm SCIENTISTS have uncovered new information on the hunting methods of prehistoric dogs 40 millions year ago by analysing the skulls of lions, wolves and hyenas. Experts in Scotland and Austria suggest that the first species of dogs, known as Hesperocyon Gregarius, pounced on its preys the same way as modern foxes and coyotes. The findings also imply that the largest dog species to ever live, known as the Epicyon Haydeni, also hunted in a similar way. The animal, which lived 16 million years ago, could grow to the size of a grizzly … Continue reading Prehistoric Puppers