Influencers as Key-Entertainers over Social Media during Quarantine

By Nora Garcia

Influencers from all over the world have been in quarantine for weeks now, owing to the Coronavirus spread. Now, these content-creators are making paid advertisements from home and creating new content in order to entertain their followers during the lockdown period.

Currently, 19 countries are now in lockdown and the number of people accessing Internet has increased over the past few weeks. The rise of people being online and increased overall screen time per day has increased influencers overall public, despite the loss of opportunities related to travelling and events.

Izea, a technology developing company that supports marketers and creators, made a report about how the Coronavirus will impact on influencer marketing. The survey was done in the US and involved almost a thousand people in order to estimate Internet users behavior during the quarantine.

The audience that took place in this report, were males and females aged between 18 and 60 or more.


The charts shown that about 60% of the users recognized that their Internet consumption will increase, against 3% who trusted their Internet use will drop over the quarantine.

The first wave on the use of the different social medias shown that Facebook will be the most used by the people during this period.

Content creators are now focusing in creating new content only from home, which is something new for this sector. Some examples that we can see over social media are outfits to stay-in, cooking and make-up tutorials. Influencers are also sending messages including the hastag #stayathome, in order to encourage people to stay in and prevent the spread of the virus.

Evelin Nora, Content Creator from Spain, explained the situation that content creators are suffering because of the virus and that she wants to distract people from the virus: ”There are many brands that have freezed their operations

‘There are many brands that have freezed their operations […] That means that you can earn less money during this time. But it is controversial because we can create more content for our feed to entertain the people as everyone is connected.

I don’t really like to make content about the virus. What I try to do is the opposite. I try to distract the people and get them motivated.

Evelin Nora
Evelin Nora’s interview.

Martina Lubian, also a Content Creator from Spain, shared how she wants the content of her Instagram to also deliver a clear message about what we need to do during the quarantine: ”So basically what I want to do with my Instagram account is

So basically what I want to do with my Instagram account is to say: ”Hey, you need to be conscious about what is happening, you need to be aware that you staying at home helps a lot.

I want to take the focus away from the Coronavirus because we have all had enough and i want to make people lives easier and more fun. Hope that that is the case. That is all I want. Definetly, my objective

Martina Lubian
Martina’s interview

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