Netflix Giant to Adapt Beloved Roald Dahl Books into Movies

BY FIONA MACKIE NETFLIX announced yesterday on Twitter that the online streaming service will be remaking Roald Dahl’s best known books in animation form. This will include well – known favourites Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, along with The BFG, George’s Marvellous Medicine, and The Twits. Roald Dahl is still incredibly popular with his works today, despite his last book Esio Trot being released in 1990, the same year he died. Since passing away, the following year two books were published posthumously called The Minpins and The Vicar of Nibblewicke. As of 2015, Dahl’s books have sold more … Continue reading Netflix Giant to Adapt Beloved Roald Dahl Books into Movies

St Enoch Square Christmas Markets Are Back!

BY PETYA PLACHKOVA What to look for when shopping at the markets? Christmas is just around the corner. If you are falling behind with your Christmas shopping or you are just looking to enjoy a nice cozy evening, the St. Enoch Square Christmas markets could be your place. For all the foodies, you can find a range of international cuisine. Mexican, Chinese and German are just a few of the many options you could choose from. The newest addition to this year’s markets are the two new German chalets, where you can find beer and mulled wine, and the German … Continue reading St Enoch Square Christmas Markets Are Back!

Paedophile Hunters in Ayr

By Morgane Colinet PAEDOPHILE hunters hit Ayr last weekend as they went to meet an alleged child abuser. The suspected sex offender was intercepted just outside Ayr bus station whilst on his way to meet who he thought was a fourteen-year-old girl according to WolfPack Hunters UK. The Spanish man, allegedly from Barcelona according to the WolfPack Hunters UK Improved Facebook group, is a luggage handler working at Prestwick Airport. Due to the new data protection laws, he will remain unnamed. Currently living in Ayr, he was meant to be heading back to Spain in one month. As the Hunters … Continue reading Paedophile Hunters in Ayr